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The proper way to slice any ham is parallel to the Aitchbone. Ham is most tender when sliced this way rather than straight across. The butt portion is best for baking and breakfast slices and the shank slices for biscuit portion and cubing.


All Clifty Farm Hams are fully cured and are easily stored by wrapping in a brown paper bag and hanging in a cool dry place. Do not wrap in plastic. Once the ham is cut you should slice the entire ham and wrap in individual or family size servings and freeze. Then your ham can be stored for long periods of time and can be thawed and prepared as needed. The hock and small pieces should be wrapped and frozen separately. They make excellent seasoning meat when you cook beans and vegetables.

Our products are available in retail locations across the Southeast U.S. Be sure to look for Clifty Farm in your favorite grocery store. If they do not have Clifty Farm products ask your store manager to carry Clifty Farm Country Ham and Clifty Farm Barbecue.

If you don’t live near a store that carries our products, that’s no problem. You can purchase our high-quality Country Hams on this website.