About Pork Jowl

Country cured jowl is genuinely a Southern delicacy.  Although it’s enjoyed throughout, we feel like pork jowl is especially loved in the South.  Our smoked, country cured jowl is no exception.  We handcraft it by mixing a simple cure recipe and smoking it until the flavor is just right.

To make our jowl:

  1. Start with fresh pork jowls.
  2. Next, we coat each pork jowl with our simple cure mixture of salt, sugar & curing agents to bring out the best flavors.
  3. After a few days of aging in a cool environment, we smoke each pork jowl over natural hickory wood chips.
  4. Then each pork jowl is sliced, packaged, and prepared to be shipped to your house or a store near you!