About BBQ

About BBQ

BBQ meats come in all styles, flavors, and packages. We know there are several favorites out there, and we have chosen to keep our offering simple and straightforward – just like all of our cured meats. Whether you try our pulled pork or pork ribs, you’ll find a product that tastes like what you would expect from an expert smokemaster.

To make our pulled pork:

  1. Start with fresh bone-in pork butts – inspected for quality at our plant.
  2. Next, we apply our dry cure ingredients to the entire pork butt & let them cure in the cooler for flavor.
  3. We then smoke & cook each pork butt over natural hickory wood chips for several hours to get the natural smoke flavor that can only come with time.
  4. After smoking & cooking, each pork butt is hand-pulled to create an authentic and high quality pulled pork to be eaten as is or mixed with our Memphis-style BBQ sauce.

To make our pork ribs:

  1. We start with fresh St. Louis style pork ribs
  2. The ribs are mixed with dry cure ingredients that are applied and then aged for several days in the cooler for flavor.
  3. Next, the pork ribs are fully cooked & smoked over real hickory wood chips.
  4. After each rib is fully cooked & smoked, they are basted in a Memphis-style BBQ sauce and packaged for you to enjoy.