About Bacon

Our country cured bacon is something to talk about.  Our bacon is made to let you enjoy the rich, natural flavors of the smoked pork belly the way it used to be made.  Many bacons are made using water or extra ingredients, but we keep ours simple and true to the recipe that’s been used for many years.  We offer our bacons in both Hickory Smoked and Pecan Wood Smoked flavors – sliced and in slabs that are ready to be sliced.

To make our bacon:

  1. Start with fresh pork bellies and coat them in a simple mixture of salt, sugar, and curing agents.
  2. We allow the pork bellies to age and rest in a cool environment for several days to let the ingredients absorb into the meat for a natural flavor.
  3. Next, the pork bellies are smoked over real wood chips for a naturally smoked flavor.
  4. After the smoking is complete, the pork bellies are sliced into bacon and packaged to be sent to your home or store near you!